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Nov 27, 2018 · In this article, I will guide you through the installation of Docker and Unifi on your Synology in 5 minutes. Before we can start we need to make sure that your Synology supports Docker. You can check this in two easy ways: Login to your Synology and go to the Package Center, search in the top left corner for Docker.
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May 02, 2016 · Patters being the awesome guy he is, usually updated his Synology Crashplan package quickly and all was good again. Then last year in DSM 5.2 , Synology added support for Docker which opened up the possibility to run all sorts of software in a virtual container running on your Synology NAS.
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Same problem here. "Connection failed. Please check your network and time settings." All settings are good, nothing changed from before. My guess is that some cloud service is down on Synology's end. Please do post if you find out something.
A little while ago I posted several ways to improve the security on your Synology NAS and was recently asked about how to install CrashPlan on a Synology NAS. Synology doesn’t have it’s own pre-built package available, but luckily PC Load Letter from the Synology community has stepped up and made a Synology package that works beautifully – the only downside is his instructions are a bit ... Ik heb wat problemen met een package dus deze wilde ik deinstalleren en opnieuw installeren. Toen ik opnieuw wilde installeren gaf mijn Package Center aan dat de verbinding niet tot stand kan komen. Zowel de community packages als die van Synology zelf zijn niet zichtbaar en geven dezelfde melding.
This is how I resolved the same problem with an SHR-Raid on a Synology Diskstation. First, you have to work within the terminal. Second, you will need the mdadm package. sudo apt-get install mdadm then you have to check how the drive is registered in Ubuntu (/dev/sdc or something like that). The next command tells Linux that you want to run ... Synology changes made: Upgraded Synology DSM to the latest available release (as of 9th April 2014) - DSM 5.0-4458 Update 2 After upgrade, a DSM Perl package upgrade was available, which I also installed - 5.18.1-0011 After the above changes, I did the following backup job runs: Jan 20, 2018 · Earlier this week, Synology announced three new applications that install on DSM, the operating system that powers their NAS devices. The first, Drive, is a rewrite of Synology's Cloud Station Suite.
Make sure to leave a comment on that thread so that the Synology Developers see the demand! Until we have native Azure Archive ability, Azure Cool is the most appropriate choice if you want to utilize Azure for your Synology cloud backup needs. How to configure your Synology Disk station to use Microsoft Azure as a cloud backup destination 1. Sep 12, 2018 · Connect to your Synology DS218+ using your favorite browser. Install CloudSync if not already installed from the Package Center.
Jun 04, 2018 · Synology offers an external connection service that makes the whole process painless, and there's software you can download and use if everything fails. How to connect to your new Synology Network...
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